put 100 kids in a room…. kill 10… only 90 kids will remember this

People run from rain but
in bathtubs full of
water. —

Charles Bukowski (via bittersweetsongs)

Wow bukowski so profound do you also bathe fully clothed you dickhead. “Oohh isn’t it funny that a person will eat when they’re hungry but will duck if you throw an apple at their face”

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If they don’t need you, it’s okay, you do not live for other people. —(via moaka)

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If I Stay

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some authors could really use a “plot twist limit” or a “you’ve killed too many characters already” notification you know


Anonymous asked you: Can we have a pic of your new re-arranged bookshelves, please? :)

Here you go, anon! It looks pretty much the same. I just did some dusting and cleaning and aligned them. 


Book Haul!

You’ve got to get comfortable with fear; nothing’s worth doing unless you’re a little bit scared. People call women the weaker sex. It’s a total cliche - a man in a powerful position is considered assertive, whereas a woman is a ‘bitch’. You have to stand up to that and be ready for things to be hard and for things to be serious. 

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Heechul and Kangin putting on Seojoon’s clothes (๑>ᴗ<๑)

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