Vampire Academy/Bloodlines Minimalist Posters


name: Abigail
height: 165cm
eye color: black
birthday: march 7
favorite color: pink, blue
best school subject(s): Math
current shirt colour: purple ;n;
day or night: night
religion: Catholic
gender: female
single or taken: single but happy ( i mean i have haelusica)
celebrity crush: Luhan, Donghae, Jessica, Nico Mirallegro and many moreeee
coffee or tea: ……milk tea
favorite food: chocoooooolates

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oh-luhans thank you giveaway!

hi guys! i reached a meaningful number of followers on both twitter and tumblr awhile ago so I wanted to do this to thank you all for staying with me~
full list of items + pictures can be found here.

“Don’t come home! Do you understand me, Clary? Don’t you dare come home. Go to Simon’s. Go straight to Simon’s house and stay there until I can—” ”Mom! Mom, are you all right?”


i don’t even care if they’re siblings

hi guys